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Saturday, February 7, 2009

me me..well imma freakin crazy out eminem.i like literaly worship him

i am whot i am.-

YEAH I USED TO BE HUMAN i like it this way betta...

well lemme brief u up a bit....

ppl in mah house say imma mister independent ,no one really noez how bad in life imma hurt n dented.

im innovative n dont care no bit bout no shit in dis world.this suffocating swirl...

i hate pplz phoniness, n am living life in lonliness.
i cnt stand hypobritz,i think da worldz just so full f shit.

to those i love imma loyal, hell yeah anger makez me boil.

muthafuckerz imma BORN TO RULE, n dont care no shit az to why lifez crule.

ppl say imma crazy n insane , well wot to do satan residez in mah brain.

imma livin lyf on EMINEMZ flow, dont mess wid me imma kill you wid jst a blow.

imma FULLY FOCUSED n badly brused.
az u cn see i love to rhyme, lemme tell u forehand tryna change me wld be a total waste f time.

i love mah nation.mera bharat mahan,indianness is mah passion.
imma INDIAZ BIGGEST PATRIOT,pakistaniz cm to me if u wonna gt ur head shot,neck slicled or wrist cut.

oh i love distruction, for ur information-imma WORLDZ BEST BUSINESS MAGNET IN CONSTRUCTION 

hommie dont doubt mah company, cuz imma neva a fake imma jst gon be me.

imma addicted to pain,so much such dat i love migrain.

mah namez SHAHBAZ, imma born to give u a scar.

i dnt believe in crying.beatches hurt if u wonna cuz till i reach da top I AINT DYING.

i love jst a for them mah loves true..
rhyminz become mah an to paint.
eminemz mah idol.neva used to believe in god but now i do . yeah alwayz believed in satan. 
imma looking 4 a reason to live dis life ..

love reading bout vampires,draculas.

imma obsessed wid lifeafter death,cuz lifes a part of death....i believe in mah self.

Im nt really as dark as i sound here....
ppl say i hv a gr8 sense f humour n shit...n yeah imma sweet to talk to 

gt da awsmest sense of daydream 4 hrs 2gether.
bt maybe mah thoughts r chill i wnt harm u unless.....
self control is smthin i lack..


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